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Our purpose is holding wrongdoers accountalbe for the harm they do to our clients. We believe in giving a powerful voice to those who would otherwise have none. We are devoted to seeking and speaking the truth. We are Ratzan Law Group!

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We represent individuals and their families whose lives have been devastated by the negligence or wrongdoing of others.

Our clients need financial help, but they also need peace of mind. We provide powerful, focused, and devoted advocacy.

We help people who have been devastated by injury or death with the difficult task of obtaining fair compensation from insurance companies, hospitals, manufacturers, doctors, nurses, or anyone who has caused them harm. 

We champion our clients' cases with one goal in mind: Justice.






Florida Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Med Mal Damage Caps - McCall v. USA

On Thursday, February 9, 2012, Florida's Supreme Court heard oral argument in McCall v. United States of America. The case was a wrongful death action arising from the medical malpractice death of a 20 year old woman who had just given birth to her first child. It occurred at a military hospital and was brought in Federal Court under the Federal Tort Claims Act. A federal judge awarded Ms. McCall's husband and child damages, finding that her death was the result of medical malpractice. But because the Florida legislature passed a law in 2003 capping damages in medical malpractice cases, the federal judge who heard all the evidence in the case was forced to reduce the damage award to the family by one million dollars. Not because she wanted to, not because the evidence warranted it, and not because she decided it was fair. She was required to reduce the award because the Florida legislature in 2003 enacted a cap as part of a "tort reform" agenda.

Ms. McCall's Estate courageously fought the damage reduction, arguing that the Florida legislature defied the Florida constitution when it capped non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. The case made its way through the federal system and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sent the constitutional questions to the Florida Supreme Court for answers.

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Stuart N. Ratzan is one of the featured presenters at Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) & Higher Impact Inc Seminar in Beaver Creek, CO.

Pictured from left are Stuart J. Weissman and Stuart N. Ratzan from Ratzan Law Group, Mycki Ratzan from Mycki Ratzan, P.A. and Brice Karsh from High Impact, Inc.

The Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) & High Impact, Inc. sponsored a Ski Seminar in Beaver Creek, CO on February 5 10, 2012. Stuart N. Ratzan, one of the featured presenters, spoke on "Cross Examination Centered Trial Practice: Trying Your Case from the Inside Out."

Ratzan Law Group & Russomanno & Borrello team up for Co-Ed Softball Charity Event

Pictured from left standing are: Cesar Veras, Herman Russomanno Jr., Jacob Ratzan, Stuart Weissman, Stuart Ratzan, Nadean Stone, Herman Russomanno Sr., Mycki Ratzan, Jessica Rivero, Luis Vinas.
Kneeling are: Denise Medina & Ivonne Morales.

On Saturday February 18, Ratzan Law Group and Russomanno & Borrello employees joined forces as the "Ratzan Russomanno Law Suits" in a softball tournament held at Tropical Park in Miami. The 11th Annual Co-ed Softball Tournament was hosted by Dade County Bar Association Young lawyers Section to benefit the Children's Charitable Committees of the DCBA/YLS. After 6 challenging games of one hour each, per the one strike rule, (only one game was lost), the team advanced to the finals and emerged in second place after a grueling 7th game.

Ratzan Russomanno Law Suits Team consisted of:
Stuart Ratzan, Herman Russomanno Sr., Herman Russomanno Jr., Chris Russomanno, Stuart Weissman, Jacob Ratzan, Mycki Ratzan, Nadean Stone, Willie Faison, Cesar Veras, Pepe Montes , Jessica Rivero, Luis Vinas, Denise Medina and Ivonne Morales.

Cheering the Team on from the sidelines were:
Lou Ann Scott, Jenny Montes, Dannays Fernandez, Miriam Perez, Daryl Bloomberg, Baylar & Leo Ratzan & Joey Montes. Visit - http://dadecountybar.org/# for calendar of events.

Nadean Stone, Legal Administrator and Marketing Director of Ratzan Law Group, is named Public Relations Committee Chair

Nadean Stone, MBA

In January 2012, Nadean Stone, CLM, BA, MBA, legal administrator and marketing director at Ratzan Law Group was named Public Relations Committee Chair of the South Florida Chapter Association of Legal Administrators (SFALA). In this position, Nadean will be responsible for publishing a monthly bulletin of upcoming events, liaising with local media for coverage of the group's activities and also working with various south Florida legal organizations to increase awareness of the SFALA and the important role its members play within the legal community. Additional information is available at www.alasofla.org.

Nadean joined Ratzan Law Group in 2010 and oversees the administration, marketing and public relations for the firm.


The National Trial Lawyers Summit is held in beautiful South Beach, FL

The National Trial Lawyers Summit "Success in Law" in the 21st Century" was held on January 22nd 25th in beautiful South Beach, Florida. The full three-day event, attended by RLG attorneys, featured over 42 presenters. "What a refreshing and energized group of trial lawyers! We learned and received an injection of motivation at the same time. I felt proud to be a trial lawyer, knowing that I can make a meaningful difference in our society. Sure, people have done what they can to denigrate our profession, but our best ammunition to fight back is to keep carrying the torch of justice for people who have suffered wrongdoing, whether at the hands of drug companies, big tobacco, hospitals, insurance companies, trucking companies, you name it. I will attend more National Trial Lawyers events!"

Conferences / Seminars

The National Trial Lawyers provides premier educational seminars, offering the most current information on important topics facing the trial lawyer in the legal profession today. The NTL works in partnership with leading seminar and educational organizations to provide CLE programs to its members. These workshops and conferences offer powerful learning tools that can make a difference in the success of a trial lawyer's practice. Attendees will discover new ways of thinking and new strategies, with a better focus toward success in the practice of law. For NTL upcoming seminars in 2012 go to: http://www.thenationaltriallawyers.org/index.php/conferences-seminars

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