Ratzan Law Group Files Law Suit Against Coomes Oil for Gas Station Explosion in St. Augustine

MIAMI, Sept. 28, 2011 – Ratzan Law Group attorney Stuart N. Ratzan today filed a law suit against Coomes Oil and Supply, Inc. on behalf of David Cowles, who suffered devastating third degree burns and other injuries following an explosion and fire at a BP Gas Station in St. Augustine on Aug. 19.  The station is owned by Coomes Oil and Supply, Inc., a franchisee of BP Oil.

Per the filed complaint, Cowles, a tanker truck driver with Florida Rock and Tank Lines, was filling the station’s aboveground storage tanks, when one of them overflowed letting off highly flammable petroleum vapors that immediately caught fire, causing a massive explosion. Cowles was ignited on fire, his truck decimated, and two storage tanks and two buildings were blown to bits. 

The lawsuit alleges that the Coomes Oil and Supply, Inc. is responsible for Cowles’ catastrophic injuries because it violated numerous safety regulations and requirements. According to the complaint, Coomes Oil and Supply, Inc. violated state and federal regulations and requirements by its failure to have any of the following: (a) working gauges connected to the above ground tankers to determine storage capacity; (b) alarms to signal and prevent potential overflow in the tanks; (c) a containment wall and platform for gasoline overflow; and (d) flame arrestors to contain and control the spread of fire. Cowles' Complaint also alleges that Coomes Oil and Supply, Inc. negligently misrepresented to Cowles’ and his employer the amount of remaining capacity in the aboveground storage tanks and negligently failed to accurately calculate, based on past sales and purchases, the remaining storage capacity.

Cowles is seeking damages to cover the harms and losses caused by Coomes Oil and Supply, Inc.'s safety violations, including his permanent injuries, disfigurement, hospital and care expenses, lost wages, and inability to earn future income.

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