How Can a Kernicterus Lawyer Help You?

As kernicterus lawyers, our commitment to victims and their families runs significantly deeper than the courtroom. The issue is not that “fortunately, kernicterus is a rare birth injury.” The issue is about why we are still seeing any incidences of such an easily preventable disease. The only acceptable number of kernicterus cases is zero.

We view kernicterus as a legally indefensible birth injury.

Doctors and hospitals are not likely to acknowledge making a medical mistake that caused kernicterus. This is nondisclosure of medical error, and the destructive consequences last a lifetime.

With over 20 years of working with families whose children were victims of birth injury including kernicterus, our lawyers understand that what these parents really want is an honest explanation of what happened. They need to understand that they are not to blame. Finally, they need to know that help is available to them through the support of experienced kernicterus lawyers who crave justice for their children.

If a doctor or hospital failed to treat your child for excessive jaundice that resulted in kernicterus brain damage, they have acted negligently. Medical malpractice lawsuits are typically handled by insurance companies for the doctors and hospitals. The insurance companies employ their own team of attorneys to defend their case.

These physicians and medical institutions are not above the law. We champion our clients’ cases against powerful interests, including insurance companies, hospitals, and physicians. The costs entailed for the care, equipment and treatment of children affected by kernicterus will reach into the millions of dollars. We help our clients and their families obtain fair compensation when the wrongdoing of others devastates their lives.

In doing so, you can provide your child with the best possible care and support for life, including therapy, cochlear implants, medications, surgery, special needs equipment and home care. Together, we can help to enforce reform of this preventable birth injury and stop kernicterus from recurring.

Caring, Compassionate Help from a Kernicterus Lawyer

We know you have many questions. You will find each person at our firm, from our attorneys to our paralegals and support staff, to be compassionate, friendly, and ready to help. Contact a kernicterus lawyer at Ratzan Law Group about your situation, or call us toll free at 855.754.5291. We welcome your call. 

You can also find valuable information in our library of videos, articles and other free resources prepared by our attorneys. 

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